Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rockin' the Resolutions

So I've decided to really take 2011 by the horns and challenge myself. :)  A little out of my comfort zone considering I'm NOT a risky person by nature.  I'm actually a HUGE chicken, LOL!  But, I'm so excited to embrace my goals and what I may or may not learn about myself.  My favorite part of a new year is to set some resolutions, or goals as I prefer to call them, to grow and become a better person, wife, mama, sister, get the picture.  Like my first post said, one of my goals was to start a blog.  Nothing crazy, just a place to come and vent all my craftiness (because honestly my husband can only take so much), and share my love of paper-crafting with people that love it too (or will but don't know it yet).  :)Well the next goal for myself was/is to participate in at least one blog-hop.  Guess what?!  I did it (and it's only February)!  I'm so honored (and jumping-out-of-my-skin excited) to join some really fabulous ladies for the "Cricky Across the 50!" Blog-Hop hosted by Kristal of  Please join us February 11th-12th!  You'll see some amazing projects and you'll have the chance to win some AMAZING blog candy/giveaways!  You don't want to miss it :)Wish me luck!P.S.  It's kind of embarrassing on how much I don't know about this whole "Blogger" deal so please be patient while I learn how the heck to post, etc!  Thanks :)


ReneeK said...

I'm new too! Like you, it was a New Year's resolution to try this out. It's been fun so far, I hope you are enjoying it too! Have fun with the blog hop! Renee