Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey everyone!  WHAT.A.WEEK.  This past week was overwhelming blessed with a couple heavy doses of frustration thrown in, ever have weeks like that?

First off, my blog is not working properly.  Since my 'blog-lift' things aren't working as smoothly as I had hoped and my blog roll is not working.  What this means for me: stress!  What this means for you:  My followers aren't able to see my latest posts.  Now, if you're anything like me, you follow several blogs (because there are SO many talented people) and because the blog roll isn't showing my posts, people aren't being directed to visit.  UGH!  I promise that I am working on fixing this but I haven't found anyone to help me yet so...I will get it fixed as soon as possible.  Please bear with me!  Thanks to those of you that are still checking in and leaving comments.

Which leads me to....The April Fool's Blog Hop post never went live so those of you that were looking for that--I'm SORRY!  I had/have a really neat project that I tried and I wasn't even able to share it! I wasn't able to verify that it went live because my mom had surgery this past week (which went well) but she suffered a stroke shortly after so I've been a little pre-occupied with everything that goes into a loved ones concern.  This is my first check-in since mid week! 

Finally, as some of you know Monica from Stampin' Daisies has decided to suspend her stamp line indefinitely (check out her post HERE).  This just means that I won't be having bi-weekly posts featuring her stamps, BUT you CAN still order the ones she has left.  They are wonderful and I'd highly recommend purchasing a set before they are all gone! 

BUT....most importantly, above all of the pain in the keister things that life throws at us, MANY of my prayers were answered this week and sometimes not always the way I had hoped.  However, I also know that things work out as they should and I'm not always in control.  Needless to say, WHAT.A.WEEK!

Again, I am REALLY sorry for all of the headache!  I'll still try to post some projects but until I can get my blog fixed, I have to focus on that!  Thank you so much for your understanding.   

P.S.  If anyone knows how to fix the blog roll, I would LOVE your help!!!


Tiffany said...

So sorry to hear about your frustrations :( This post showed up on my Blog Dashboard! Not sure if that means it is fixed or not? Here is a site I found with a tip to fix blog posts not showing up.
Also I have used - Tweak my blogger: before to help change some of the features of my blog. I sent them a message though their site and they were super quick to respond! Hope you figure it out soon. Can't wait to see your April Fool's Day project :)
Tiffany -

AJoy said...

You were missed Jenny. I hope you have a better week this time and I hope your mother well soon. God speed.

nginerd at gmail dot com

AJoy said...

P.S. I'd love to see the project you did if you'd want to email it or post it.


Anna said...

Hope your mom gets well soon. I hate this about your blog. :(

Amy said...

Sorry you had such a frustrating week and that you missed the hop... I hope we still get to see what ya created when things start getting better!!

Until then, best wishes for a much better week...

Amy :) at

kathlee said...

So sorry to hear about your week. Prayers to your mom for a very speedy and complete recovery!
Hugs and Best wishes,