Friday, February 10, 2012


Hey, Hey my crafty friends!  (Hello to my non-crafty friends too! He-He)

My apologies for my scarce postings this week ...I've been kicking it into overdrive with birthday party prep for my little one.  Her birthday party is on Sunday so I've been cooking, cleaning, and creating party 'stuff' in between pre-school, swimming lessons, and all the other daily chores.  Phew! 

I'm really, really excited to pull it all together, it seems like I've been working on party prep for MONTHS! :)  So ... I'll be back on Sunday {post-party} with all the pictures and details on how much a success the party was ;).  I've already decided that after our guests go home, I'm hitting my craft room!  I've seen SO many challenges I'm dying to create for and I really need a break from the barnyard scene, LOL!  
Hope to see you then!


Missy said...

Can't wait to see what you've made for the party! I'll be having the same feelings about Elmo coming up here pretty soon.....