Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Banner!

Happy Tuesday!  We're all waiting for the 'big' snowstorm to arrive here in MN (I'm crossing everything I own, that it won't) so I thought I'd share with you a banner that I made last week.

If you remember my little memory card fiasco (read about that HERE), I wasn't able to take pictures before I sent it to my girlfriend.  Thankfully, she took some pictures for me so I can share them with you!

Her daughter's birthday was Snow White themed, but I don't have any of the Princess cartridges and Snow White paper is hard to find!  So ...I went with Snow White's colors (red, dark blue, light blue, yellow) :).  

The tulle was glittery and the lighter blue, it looked really nice with the darker blue.  This was also my first time making rosettes!  For the most part they didn't give me any trouble.  The tricky part was making sure they were the same size.  

I think it turned out great and can't wait to make another :)

Remember, next Monday I start my Guest Designer Month with EAD Designs!  Don't miss it!!! :)   


~Julie said...

Jenny, I really loved the banner. Thanks soooo much!

Missy said...

Ahhhh what a great banner!!!! I'm so glad you posted this, I want to try tulle on my banner this weekend but wasn't sure how it would look---yours looks great!!! ;)