Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hello!  Long time, no talk :)  What. A. Week.  Let me take this moment to do a little PSA...

Earlier this week I went to take some pictures of some work I had just finished, only to find out that my memory card called it quits.  UGH.  {insert huge groans and LOTS of tears from yours truly}  Unfortunately, that little memory card still held all of the pictures we've taken since about December 1st.  All of my Christmas pictures--GONE!  My sweet little lady's 2nd birthday party--GONE!  All of the extraordinary pictures of our ordinary days--GONE! I cannot even tell you how many hours of sleep that I have NOT gotten this week or how many tears I have cried.  While it could have been a lot worse (we've had that darn thing completely FULL before), my heart shatters into a million little pieces everytime I think about it.  So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE clear your pictures off of your camera! 

Thankfully, I have some awesome friends that have been supportive and have pointed me in some directions that *might* result in salvaging some.  It may be a long shot, but I'm willing to do anything to try! my soap box :)  On to my project!  I wanted to try to sneak in a little EAD Color Challenge action before it was too late.  The colors this month are black and white. 

Please forgive the horrible lighting!  I didn't have time to get a new memory card until today and of course, it was dark by the time we got home.  

I had a great time with this!  Black and White aren't colors that I typically use as the primary base for my layouts, but I LOVE how it turned out ;).  I also used the LOVE rub-on from EAD.  SO awesome! 

I also have a double layout to show you but I think I'm going to wait until I better lighting.  I hope the Sun is 'on-duty' tomorrow. HA!  

See you soon!


Missy said...

Oh NO, I"m so sorry!! When my guy was a baby, our computer crashed and I hadn't backed up my pictures for a month. A month in the life of a 3 month old is a HUGE amount of time---I feel your pain! Ask around, you know friends & family had to have taken some pics at the party and over the holidays, so hopefully you'll be able to have something you can hang on to! I hope the memory card comes back though! Your LO is terrific by the way, the color scheme is great!!!

~amy~ said...

Ugh, I hate it when technology fails:( hope you can find a fix!

Love your sweet layout!!! Super fun pics!!!! Thanks for playing with us at EAD Designs!